Learning to love yourself for greater high esteem to compete in today's world with ease.
Being comfortable with yourself, accepting who you are and learning to boost your self esteem. Easy steps to a better you. Understanding your body language. Putting your best foot forwards to find the new you. Fitting in feeling at home dressed in public. Learn how to network friends.
Correct, posture, standing, sitting, stairs, etiquette, walking with confidence. How good posture and poise is linked with femininity. Walking in high heels - choosing the right height heel to walk confidently. Catwalk.
Results gained from good speech, the ability to communicate, eye contact, projection, elocution, articulation, inflection, developing confidence and communication. Modern manners, female etiquette. Speech - How to improve your voice and use female vocabulary.
Day to day little things that shows the difference between Males and Females, a major contributor to being successful in passing as a female.
Hands on participation, correct daily and weekly skin care routines, special treatments to deep clean and protect skin. Discuss problem skin due to sun, ageing, hormones and poor diet body hygiene. Methods used to remove unwanted hair. Improving your image.
Make the most of your best qualities whilst upgrading your lesser qualities.
Make up. Demonstrating a natural makeup for day, Practical make up application (Step by step easy to follow) There is nothing like correct makeup application to boost your self esteem.
Total care hair management - hair grooming, wig selection and care of wigs.
Discuss individual styling, use of helpful grooming tools, face shapes, assessments are made. Advice for change if requested. The best way to cheer up is with a new hair do.
Hands on participation, a manicure, whilst discussing feet and hand care, treatments, tips for nail biters. Importance of neat hands and nails to feel more feminine.
Body Shape
Basic Fashion Tips
Corporate requirements - right and wrong.
Understanding your dress sense, fashion flaws, dressing to suit your age and special occasions.
Colour - warm and cool
Building your wardrobe economically - the capsule wardrobe, mix and match. Try to make your season colour choices last for 3 or more seasons
Accessories - how to use correctly and with confidence. Shopping trips.
Available in 2 hour sessions or day workshop
All products and applicators supplied
Learn to apply your makeup like a professional.
Step by step create the new you, discover how to bring out the best of your features and hide any imperfections.
You will be surprised how easy it really is! Shape your face with the use of blush and highlighters. Create a natural day or a more sophisticated evening look.
For my existing clients who have not had the confidence to go public, or have very little public interaction, once I feel they are ready, I offer, coffee, lunch, dinner at cafés and restaurants, cocktails or just a quiet drink at selected hotels. Not forgetting shopping trips. Here everything learnt, especially female etiquette and mannerisms, can be put into practice.
I hold lunches and dinners where clients can socialise at ease, during these times we put dinning etiquette to the test in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
It’s more than just putting on a frock